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The trend of large-scale demand for pelletizer is high
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At present, the petroleum and petrochemical industry used plastic granulator pelletizer more and more tend to large-scale, and because of strong demand, tight supply, extended delivery situation more and more prominent.
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Plastic granulator pelletizer is based on different uses in the resin by adding different additives, after heating, mixing, extrusion molding, the resin raw materials for the secondary processing of granular products of the unit, a wide range of plastic granulator Used in petroleum and petrochemical industry. At present, the world's large-scale granulator production enterprises in Japan and Germany, Japan, Japan Kobe Steel products in the Chinese market share is very high At the end of November held in Kobe Steel China Lijiang LCM plastic pelletizer user conference, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical and other enterprises on behalf of the user representatives and technical staff on the stable production and maintenance, maintenance and other issues to discuss the exchange.
Industry experts said that in recent years, the rapid development of the global petrochemical industry, the rapid increase in the demand for granulator, plastic pelletting more and more tend to large-scale, and the user's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements Higher and higher. Resulting in the current pelletizer supply difficulties, the main reason for the extension of the delivery period is due to increased demand.
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